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 Jonathan dressed as a doctor

    Jonathan Grula was a special and courageous young man who battled leukemia with a determination unequaled even by adults. He was taken to Heaven when he was 12 after fighting fiercely for 1 year.

    Jonathan was born on Halloween, 1986. He was the only child of Robert and Karen Grula. From the time he was very young it was apparent that he was special. At the age of 3 he decided that he wanted to become a doctor, and he never wavered in that goal. As he became older, he determined that he would be a heart surgeon, because he loved the idea of helping sick people become well.

     Jonathan was a student at St. Boniface School and a member of St. Boniface Church where he was a dedicated altar server. He had many interests. He was on the St. Boniface Bears basketball team for 3 years. He loved to collect items and was very proud of his many collections, some of which included classic cars, key chains and golf balls. He had a great love for the outdoors and truly enjoyed spending time with his dad walking in the woods, doing yard work and fishing. He looked forward to the day when he would go deer hunting with his dad, but sadly, that day never came. However, his great passion was golf. He enjoyed it in any form and to him the perfect summer weekend was spent playing golf with his parents.

     Jonathan was popular and well-liked by everyone who knew him. He was compassionate, considerate, happy and fun-loving. He loved to play practical jokes and he had a great sense of humor. He was very close to his parents and grandparents. Although he had everything a boy could want, he was always appreciative of everything.

    When he was diagnosed with Leukemia in September, 1998 and relapsed a few months later, he fought bravely to maintain as normal a life as possible. He spent the last summer of his life in John Hopkins Hospital  where he had a bone-marrow transplant. God sent him a miracle donor - an un-related perfect match! We truly thought that he would be cured  and live a long, healthy life. But, God needed him in heaven. On September 7, 1999, he died of complications from the transplant.

    Because Jonathan was such a loving and giving person, his family and friends have decided to honor him through the "Jonathan Grula Memorial Foundation". The proceeds will go to other children, both sick and well. We know that Jonathan is happy that even though he is in Heaven, he is still helping people and will continue to do so as long as generous people continue to offer support for his foundation.



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